Spontaneity, Self-Care, and Snow

I love exploring and seeing something new. I love the anticipation of looking forward to something. I’m quick to make plans, I often come-up with an idea and run out the door to make it happen “right now”, and I crave experiences that add value and create variety in my life. I discovered during aContinue reading “Spontaneity, Self-Care, and Snow”

Turtles and Ducks

Once a week I take myself on a photo adventure. The location and subject-matter aren’t really the point of this activity being one of my trackable goals for the first quarter of 2021. . . it’s about creativity, seeing space and light through the lens, and getting lost in myself, exploration, and my art. WhileContinue reading “Turtles and Ducks”

Cactus in the Rain

I love when it rains in the desert. There’s something extra special about water in a space that’s always dry. While I’m not physically thirsty for the sky the open-up like the plants and animals, I feel excitement, appreciation, and celebration when it rains. I make a big deal out of it with my childrenContinue reading “Cactus in the Rain”