Urban Birds | B&W Photography

Chandler, AZ | Canon 5D Mark IV | Collection and individual images available as fine-art prints, magnets, coasters, and digital download | Photography and editing by Brooke Oliphant, copyright 2021

Spontaneity, Self-Care, and Snow

I love exploring and seeing something new. I love the anticipation of looking forward to something. I’m quick to make plans, I often come-up with an idea and run out the door to make it happen “right now”, and I crave experiences that add value and create variety in my life. There’s a mindset shift,Continue reading “Spontaneity, Self-Care, and Snow”

Turtles and Ducks

Once a week I take myself on a photo adventure. The location and subject-matter aren’t really the point of this activity. . . it’s about creativity, seeing space and light through the lens, getting lost in myself, exploration, and my art. While the purpose is more about energy and emotion than the resulting images, I’dContinue reading “Turtles and Ducks”