Project Life | Week Eighteen

I’m obsessed with bright colors, pattern, texture, and contrast. All my friends and family know that if I love something it’s likely very colorful and sweetly patterned (think mugs, accent pillows, and wall art). In portrait photography I love editing in black & white, and since the majority of my life as a photographer hasContinue reading “Project Life | Week Eighteen”

Project Life | Week Fifteen

There is beauty in the simplicity of life. My boys put their shoes in a basket when they enter the house. The structure is great for their little developing brains, and I appreciate not tripping over tiny shoes. I hike the same trails, walk the same neighborhoods, drive the same route between my house andContinue reading “Project Life | Week Fifteen”

Project Life | Week Fourteen

One photo EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. is about more than inspiration or creativity, although I’m loving the artistic challenge and feel so much excitement when I create something I’m truly proud of, or have an experience that blesses my life. Greater than photography or the portfolio I’m creating, I’m keeping a promise to myself, and inContinue reading “Project Life | Week Fourteen”

Project Life | Week Thirteen

It’s spring. It’s officially warm enough to swim and suntan, and everything is in bloom. I feel extra alive, as if the world coming-to-life around me is brightening my spirit. My days are happy and silly, and I’m quick to laugh and dance when excited. Life is good, and a year ago that wasn’t theContinue reading “Project Life | Week Thirteen”

Project Life | Week Twelve

I believe that making memories together, going on little adventures, and stepping outside of our routine is incredibly valuable for growing as a family, developing unique personalities, and discovering individual interests. More than usual, that’s what we did this week! I’m also getting much better at spending time with myself, and I’m currently reading aContinue reading “Project Life | Week Twelve”

Project Life | Week Eleven

This week feels a little like a study in shapes (mostly circles), and I’ve continued playing with shallow depth-of-field. I also noticed when I turned an image black-and-white that most of my Project Life has been in color. This is an especially interesting discovery if you are familiar with my portrait portfolio and history withContinue reading “Project Life | Week Eleven”

Project Life | Week Eight

I love traveling. I love searching in unfamiliar environments for something to photograph, especially from the perspective of remembering, telling a story about my life, and being creative. It added a fun element to my work trip to find times to go on photo adventures in the mix of very programmed days. Unexpectedly, I discoveredContinue reading “Project Life | Week Eight”