Turtles and Ducks

Once a week I take myself on a photo adventure. The location and subject-matter aren’t really the point of this activity. . . it’s about creativity, seeing space and light through the lens, getting lost in myself, exploration, and my art. While the purpose is more about energy and emotion than the resulting images, I’d be lying if I said the pictures I take don’t matter. I want to create and share stunning photographs, and compile a portfolio that tells a story of the way I see and interact with the world around me.

There’s a small pond not far from my house where turtles live, along with ducks and very big fish. It’s a peaceful space surrounded by large, beautiful trees, and a well cared-for walking path. It’s not visible from the street which makes it kinda like a secret garden. I’ve been there numerous times without my camera, and always told myself I’d come back and photograph the turtles. Last week I did just that, except there wasn’t a turtle in sight. . . so I created some great images of ducks instead. Today I went back and got to take pictures of dozens of turtles, and discovered that through a long lens I was able to see detail and appreciate these amazing creatures in a way I’ve never been able. Their eyes, feet, texture and details are stunning, and the way they move is beautiful.

I am a sucker for birds, all types, shapes and sizes. I love watching them fly, I think they’re cute and beautiful and funny and inspiring. I wish I could fly – how incredible would it be to have a birds perspective of the land, architecture and sky, and to feel weightless and without boundary? For all of these reasons I photograph birds often, just ask my kids. . . they think I’m obsessed, or have a problem depending on how it’s interacting with their life in the moment. All that said, here are more pictures of ducks.

Photographed with Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 200mm f2.8LII

Published by Brooke Oliphant

I'm an aspiring author exploring the art of writing as an avenue to dive deep into my human experience; to learn, grow, spread light, and inspire others. Together we can live authentically, push ourselves to new heights, face our demons and put them to rest, and live and love without holding back!

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