Project Life | Week Fifteen

There is beauty in the simplicity of life.


My boys put their shoes in a basket when they enter the house. The structure is great for their little developing brains, and I appreciate not tripping over tiny shoes. I hike the same trails, walk the same neighborhoods, drive the same route between my house and work/hiking/gym, and therefore see the same landmarks every day. I love discovering something I haven’t noticed in familiar places, and I appreciate the comfort of routine (like Taco Tuesday, bedtime songs, meal prepping, and hot tea every morning). Life is ever changing and unpredictable, so in simple little ways I do my best to create a safe little world for myself and my children.


I love adventure and exploration as much as I enjoy the safety and predictability of my everyday comforts. This week I enjoyed a peaceful night at home with the kids, photographed artwork in a furniture store (with the added thrill of being discreet incase that wasn’t allowed), ate in a restaurant I haven’t visited for 10 years, and had a downtown date night that included photographing a very cool construction site. Balance between adventure and routine is necessary for my happiness, and this week was wonderful!

Published by Brooke Oliphant

I'm an aspiring author exploring the art of writing as an avenue to dive deep into my human experience; to learn, grow, spread light, and inspire others. Together we can live authentically, push ourselves to new heights, face our demons and put them to rest, and live and love without holding back!

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