Ask More Questions

my Starbucks experience

I have a favorite drink at Starbucks, and I get it a couple times a month. For some reason it has inconsistent results, so early on I started ordering it with modifications. Sometimes I loved it and other times I was disappointed.

One early morning I ordered my coffee with all the special requests I’d invented, and the sweet girl helping me asked what I was hoping to accomplish with the changes: stronger coffee flavor, less sugar, or something else? I wanted a less sweet, bolder coffee flavor. She suggested that I order it without water, and shared with me how the drink is made. The outcome was perfection!

I drove away so thankful that this woman took the time to ASK me questions and educate me!

This experience got me thinking… I wonder how many other things in my life are “modified” because of assumption, or would be handled differently if I was asking more questions? Also, in my friendships and work relationships, do I ask enough questions of others to truly understand where they’re coming from, what they need, and how I can best serve them?

I’ve challenged myself to ASK MORE QUESTIONS, and I invite you to join me. Let’s live to learn, and in anything where assumptions are made, be more self aware.

Published by Brooke Oliphant

I'm an aspiring author exploring the art of writing as an avenue to dive deep into my human experience; to learn, grow, spread light, and inspire others. Together we can live authentically, push ourselves to new heights, face our demons and put them to rest, and live and love without holding back!

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